Goals for 2019 year!


“Young Musicians International Association of Georgia”  implements the project “Music International Summer Academy” which is oriented to expand the frames of the academy and involve partner countries from Europe in order to bring young musical talents from different cultures together. In frames of summer academy young musicians will have the possibility to be introduced to one another’s culture, be engaged in educational and touristic activities in Tbilisi and Batumi. The project will build the platform for close relations between Georgia and European countries as far as we think that Georgia can play important role to bring different cultures with diverse experience together.  Georgian political and social discourse affirms that Georgia has desire to become part of European Union, many reforms are implemented to achieve the membership. In field of culture development “Music International Summer Academy” has the potential to become the platform to develop close relations among European countries. 
We believe that Georgia is the perfect location for international summer academy as here young musicians will be introduced to the mix of European and Asian culture. Our history and diverse environment – people, nature, unique folk, cuisine and other traditions will surprise young musicians from European countries. 
We are motivated to support exchanging ideas, experiences and friendships through music.
Music International Summer Academy will be organized in 2019 from June 25th to July 25 in Tbilisi and Batumi. During this period famous Georgian and international musicians will be invited to hold concerts, master classes, workshops and lectures for talented young musicians aged 13-28 from Georgia. The casting will be provided before the academy starts.  Young musicians from following fields: piano, violin, clarinet, flute, chamber and orchestra section. Will have the chance to send their recordings and also live auditions will be held in Tbilisi and Batumi. The academy board will chose 23 participants from Georgia: 5 pianists, 5 violinists, 3 flutists, 3 clarinetists, 5 chamber ensembles. Also international young musicians will have the chance to register for summer academy and the number of international student will be specified later. 
In scope of MISA the foundation of symphonic and chamber orchestras will be stimulated. Actually in summer 2018 we will have the first attempt to establish MISA’s Youth Symphony Orchestra, where young musicians from Georgia will have the possibility to present themselves as professional orchestra musicians. In frames of summer academy in 2019 international students can participate in orchestra section aged 18-28 with sending their auditions. International musicians (orchestra section) do not have to pay a fee to participate in the project. Musicians must cover their travel costs from their country of residency to Georgia.  All other fees for musical tuition, accommodation in double rooms, full board and transportation expenses within the tours will be covered by the Georgian Musicians International Association. Musicians of all nationalities can apply to join the orchestra. The participants must have a valid passport and should be able to apply for any visas required for their travel. The number of musicians will be specified later. 
The schedule of the academy will consist of educational activities such as: master classes, seminars, lectures, excursions, group trips to beautiful places in Batumi which will promote beautiful sightseeing’s of Georgia and help to activate tourism culture. Beside this sport activities where professional trainers will raise awareness regarding healthy lifestyle. Moreover the seminars and workshops will be organized from professionals about history of piano art, music literature, and etc. Also young musician will be provided with accommodation and meal during the academy in Tbilisi and Batumi. In frames of academy young musicians will work on piano and chamber ensembles such as duet, trio, quartet, quintet, sextet. 

The young musicians, both international and from Georgia will have the chance to play in front of big audience accompanied by the Georgian  Symphony Orchestra in Tbilisi on opening night concert of MISA which will be organized at the Grand Hall of V. Sarajishvili Tbilisi State Conservatoire, Kutaisi Opera and Ballet Theater and also at Batumi Art Center Concert Hall.  Also master classes and seminars in Tbilisi will be held at Batumi Music College, Batumi Art University, Tbilisi State Conservatoire and Steinway&Sons Georgia.